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22/01/04 Lion In Winter at Much Wenlock’s Edge Theatre

22/01/04 Lion In Winter at Much Wenlock’s Edge Theatre-Body


Shropshire County Drama Group (SCDG) presents The Lion In Winter at The Edge Theatre, Much Wenlock, Tuesday 17 to Saturday 21 February.

The play, written by James Goldman and directed by SCDG’s Rosalind Garrard, is set at Christmas in Henry II’s castle at Chinon, France in the year 1183. His wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine is under house arrest in London for plotting against Henry. However, he has allowed her to attend the family gathering, which also includes their three sons Richard The Lionheart, Geoffrey and John, and Henry’s present lover Alais Capet, Princess of France.

The relationships between all of the characters in this powerful but dysfunctional family are at times volatile, lacerating, witty and self-destructive. The residue of the mutual passion they once shared is seen fleetingly during Eleanor and Henry’s sparring and verbal exchanges. However, their political manoeuvring; Eleanor championing the cause of Richard and Henry favouring John; to determine the succession to the throne after the death of their eldest son the previous year, is more obvious. Adapted for film in the late 1960’s, the big screen version of The Lion In Winter stared Peter O’Toole and Katherine Hepburn in the roles of Henry II and Eleanor.

Further information and tickets (£6 and £4 concessions) are available from The Edge Theatre 01952 728509 and Penny Farthing in Much Wenlock.

Pictured from Shropshire County Drama Group are: Sonia Knight (Eleanor of Aquitaine) and Peter Beechey (Richard The Lionheart).

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